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Fantastic product. Best I’ve found and very easy to use- the most effective (and cheapest) way to improve and maintain health.



Cant get enough of this yogurt

Cant get enough of this yogurt, I must be MultiYo's biggest customer. Whenever a friend of mine tells me they are feeling a little down and need a pick-me-up.... I am on the case...... making them their own special supply and they love it. My family love it too..... the yogurt machine is constantly on in our house. Cheers MultiYo xx



I wish i could give it 6 stars!

I've been on MultiYo for two years and I can't recommend it enough! I'm 'living with' an illness that requires me to keep my immune system in optimum condition and whilst others around me cough and splutter their way through 'flu' season i've been able to keep the nasties at bay. It's very easy to make, I've tried most milks (powdered, regular and UHT) and all taste great - UHT is the easiest. I prefer to make individual pots rather than one big one. If you do one thing for your immune system this year - start on MultiYo, you won't regret it!



Magic yoghurt!

I started on MultiYo yoghurt six months ago - I eat one pot a day, roughly - and I can't recommend it highly enough. Apart from my skin looking great (!), I feel stronger, and I've fought off a couple of nasty infections in days, rather than weeks. Which is pretty good for a 70 year old. I've also put two members of my family on it, who have various health issues.

It's easy to make and delicious.



Delighted how much healthier I feel.



Noticing lots of improvements



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