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Yogurt re-invented to be deliciously good for you!™

The delicious, natural way to populate your gut microbiome with good gut bacteria to help support your immune system!

Healthy Gut... Healthy Body... Healthy Mind!!!

Really easy to make - costs about £1 a portion per day

Homemade for absolute freshness.

Natural ingredients. No refined sugars or chemicals.

Everyone in our taste test said 'delicious!!!'

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  • Starter culture with rich, diverse variety of 14 different types of microbiome bacteria that are usually found in a healthy gut.
  • Makes the freshest, incredibly delicious yogurt bursting with billions of live, active, gut-friendly bacteria.
  • Specially crafted for a 
    Great Taste that does not need  sugar or sweeteners as there is no tangy, sharp taste .
  • You are the artisan - make the yogurt exactly the way you like it from a drinking yogurt (like single cream) to a thick Greek-style by simply adding milk powder.
  • One sachet turns one litre (2 pints) of milk into delicious yogurt - about five portions.
  • Requires an electric yogurt maker we recommend the Lakeland Multi Yogurt maker from Lakeland or Amazon
  • Suitable for vegetarians.

MultiYo  - The Microbiome Yogurt

Milk is  a natural source of calcium, protein and vitamins. Yogurt has been used for centuries to turn the goodness of milk into an easy-to-digest form by reducing the lactose content.  But most commercial yogurts only have a couple of types of yogurt bacteria and are often packed with added sugars and other ingredients.

So we have re-invented yogurt with MultiYo ® - The Microbiome Yogurt™.  Yogurt re-designed to help your microbiome  .

Why? Because of the growing understanding of the role of the microbiome – the ecosystem of friendly bacteria in your gut that play an important role in health. According to The Journal of Immunology, the trillion symbiotic micro-organisms inhabiting the gut influence numerous aspects of the host physiology and that numerous diseases are associated with changes in the microbiome. 

Check out the importance of the microbiome, the immune  system and the gut-brain connection on the web or at  where there are articles about the microbiome and IBS, autism, depression, poor immune systems, etc.

A varied range of microbes is important in a healthy microbiome. This is why our MultiYo Microbiome  Yogurt starter culture takes yogurt to a whole new level with our special blend of fourteen, gut-friendly bacteria types that are usually found in a healthy gut microbiome. These microbes come alive and active in the yogurt that helps transport them into the gut to support and populate your microbiome with these bacteria.

What could be better than a yogurt that you have freshly made yourself- full of billions of live, active gut-friendly bacteria? 

MultiYo yogurt is rich in natural goodness and a healthy choice as our naturally great tasting yogurt has  NO ADDED SUGARS -- just the natural sugars in the milk. Our special starter culture makes a natural yogurt that is not sharp or tangy and so can be eaten without the need for any sugar or sweetening. Enjoy with fruit, muesli or whatever takes your fancy!

We do suggest taking vitamin D3 & K2 supplements if you want to further boost your immune system. 

Why did we create MultiYo ® ?

Yogurt re-invented to help your microbiome

We created our special blend of microbes that create a fresh, naturally delicious yogurt bursting with a rich and varied selection of billions of live, active, good gut bacteria. 

It's an easy healthy way to help populate your gut. 

These bacteria can help support your microbiome, which scientists believe plays an important role in the immune system and your health with around 70% or more of your immune system being in your gut. Please see our blog

For example

*Interesting article in New Scientist (4 Sept 2019) about the gut/brain connection via the vagus nerve. "Gut bacteria communicate with the brain in three different ways: they send signals up the vagus nerve directly to the brain; they influence immune cells in the gut, which produce a range of chemicals that affect the brain; and they produce chemicals that travel in the blood." "Gut bacteria can influence symptoms of depression, too." "Probiotics can significantly reduce your risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, which affects 30% of people."


100% Natural

Just milk powder and 14 specially selected types of gut-friendly bio-cultures.

• NO Added sugars*

• NO Artificial chemicals

• NO Artificial sweeteners

• NO E numbers

• NO Preservatives

* The only sugars are the naturally occurring ones in the milk


The sachets have a Best Before date of one year after manufacture and do not need to be kept in a fridge.  A cool dark place is all that is needed.

This is the origin story of MultiYo

Talking about the journey of MultiYo

MultiYo is a registered trademark of MultiYo Limited

Yogurt re-invented to be deliciously good for you & MultiYo -The Microbiome Yogurt are trademarks of MultiYo Limited

MultiYo Limited
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